RSA 2021 | Otium cum dignitate…

Hoy tendrá lugar el RSA 2021: Otium cum dignitate, coordinado por Cristina Agüero -EEHAR-CSIC y POLENO- y centrado en el ocio de las élites nobiliarias de la Edad moderna. Asimismo, intervendrá con una ponencia titulada An Oasis in the Mercurial Court: The 10th Admiral of Castile’s Huerta in Madrid, cuyo resumen es el siguiente:

Teeming with fountains, antic busts and marble sculptures, the recreational house and garden erected by Vittoria Colonna, countess of Modica, in the surroundings of the Buen Retiro became the favourite refuge of his grandson Juan Gaspar Enríquez de Cabrera, 10th Admiral of Castile, who displayed in this location his celebrated collection of paintings. Strolling around the orangeries, flower beds, grotto and aviaries, the 10th Admiral comforted his melancholy and found shelter from the mercurial court, as he confessed in his correspondence. The aim of this paper is to illustrate the conspicuous role that this property —called La Huerta de Recoletos— played as a gathering place where the 10th Admiral hosted artistic and literary debates. To meet this end, I will examine the Admiral’s correspondence, his compilation of poems —published under the eloquent title Fragmentos del Ocio (pieces of leisure)— and the testimonies of the foreign agents who visited La Huerta.


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