New strategies in art collecting amongst the Spanish nobility in the later nineteenth century: The case of the 3rd Duke and Duchess of Fernán Núñez

Recientemente, el profesor José A. Vigara Zafra ha publicado en el Journal of the History of Collections un artículo que trata sobre algunos de los cambios que experimentó el coleccionismo de la nobleza española del período isabelino, os adjuntamos el resumen:

In this article the changes witnessed in the identities of Spanish aristocratic collections during the second half of the nineteenth century are examined in a case-study focused on the 3rd Duke and Duchess of Fernán Núñez. To this end are examined, on the one hand, the narratives of noble memory that survived within these collections when they entered the public sphere, a point at which the essentially genealogical character of these collections, formerly established for private consumption, was displaced primarily by aesthetic considerations. On the other hand, the ways in which the artistic patronage by the nobility was presented at this time are reviewed, for this in itself constituted a form of social prestige that contributed to the establishment of new cultural parameters for the noble élites.